Visit unique Park Meerwijk

Park MeerwijkPark Meerwijk can be considered as the stone manifestation of the, at that time, unheard of (and still often unknown) new architectural movement: the Amsterdam School. The park is one of the most unique projects in the history of architecture in the Netherlands and was built to emphasize Bergen's artistic image.

The project consists of 15 villas of architectural and historical interest and was designed in 1915 as a total plan by young architects of the Amsterdam School: G.F. La Croix, P.L. Kramer, J.F. Staal, M. Kropholler en C.J. Blaauw. The five architects were commissioned to build the villas for a total sum of 350,000 guilders.

In addition to the villas, the plan also included the pavilions, bridges and landscaping. In those days, the design was certainly individual and modern with artistic use of brick, wood and reed. Walk the art route now and discover Park Meerwijk! Available at VVV Bergen and in our VVV webshop.