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Bistro Smultaria Schagen

Smultaria Schagen is well known in Schagen. For snacks and small meals you are welcome at Bistro Smultaria.


La Cubanita Schagen

La Cubanita Schagen is located on de Noord in Schagen, just around the corner of the Great Church. Here is cosiness and good food first priority. The authentic details of the property are still visible, giving a sense of atmosphere. La Cubanita is easily accessible by public transport and offers free parking spaces in front of the restaurant.


Restaurant TOV

At the Loet in Schagen a dream became reality for Roy and Marlies, proud owners of Restaurant TOV in Schagen. Their restaurant offers a feeling of warmth and a comfy feeling. Each day they put all their energy in giving their guests everything. They do that with lots of enthusiasm.


Café Piet Pann

Café Piet Pann has been established for years at the market in Schagen. The Café has a rich history, from a place of business to a restaurant, and is therefore a concept in Schagen and surroundings! Wherever you had the choice of our famous beugel beers or a delicious draft beer we have a wide range of in-house and foreign beers today. Also for a snack to eat you are at the right place! During the day we serve delicious sandwiches and in the evening you can enjoy the dishes from our dinner menu.


Snackbar Schagen

At Snackbar Schagen you can go for the best fries, snacks, burgers, ice cream and milkshakes every day. Also for lunch dishes such as sandwiches, toast and eggs, you are at de Noord 4 at the right place! Having a day of shopping come and have a cup of coffee with a piece of apple pie. You can also enjoy it on our outdoor terrace in the sun! We prepare food quickly, complete and with attention to the product.


Snackbar de Schagenaar

The term snack corner requires little explanation. For a nice quick snack go to the Snackbar de Schagenaar. But did you know that you can also go for catering at home or on site? The dishes are prepared with care and served in hot dishes. The catering can consist of snacks, fries and Chinese dishes, prepared in consultation. Come in for info or call to discuss the possibilities.


Restaurant Linke Loetje

Come eat and discover the delicious heated terrace. Culinary delight in Schagen for over 24 years.


Stolpenroute Schagen - Het lege land

Bicycle tour along monumental farmhouses in the Schagen area and along the Westfrisian Circulair dike.


Fletcher Hotel Marijke

Right in the village of Bergen, close to the cities of Alkmaar, Hoorn and Schagen, you will find Hotel-Restaurant Marijke. The diverse environment of North Holland offers lots of entertainment.


Grand Cafe de Smidse

De Smidse has been an understanding for years in the cozy center of Schagen. It's the place to sit on the terrace on the Market or have a drink at the bar. Every first and third friday night you can enjoy live music during the Piano Night and relax on the dance floor. In front of our Grand Café you can also have a very tasty meal: fair dishes, tasty and very affordable.

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