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Turf on the dike

If you want to walk over the West Frisian Circular Dike then Avenhorn is a good starting point. You can follow the dike from here, which meanders straight through the lowland. The West Frisian Circular Dike was once constructed to protect the farmlands, which continued subsiding due to peat digging and were threatened by the sea: on the north side by the water from the Zijpe, on the east side by the Zuiderzee, and in the south by the Beemstermeer and Schermermeer.

The industrious and headstrong nature of the West Frisian people ensured that the dike was complete after a few centuries.  Built with a mixture of clay and peat, and covered with turf (this is where the Dutch saying 'putting turf on the dike' comes from, meaning that something is effective). Today, the dike runs directly through the polders and you can enjoy a magnificent view. The West Frisian Circular Dike functions as the primary route past the most beautiful places in West Friesland.