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Realm of a Thousand Islands

This area was once a morass. For centuries, people lived on Langedijk - a historical ribbon village beside a dike - which consisted primarily of ditches and canals. The area was known for its ‘Realm of a Thousand Islands’: the inhabitants developed the morass into a fertile realm of islands by digging canals. The farmers used the sludge to raise the level of areas of land in the fields and tilled, sowed and harvested it with their bare hands. Each market gardener farmed 7 islands, which could only be reached using a barge pole!

BroekerVeiling and Night Illuminations
The biggest attraction in Broek op Langedijk is Museum BroekerVeiling. At this oldest sail-through auction in the world, vegetables and fruit are transported on boats and auctioned as they were in the past. The nice thing is that you can purchase your own vegetables by pressing an auction button. Near Museum BroekerVeiling you can hire a boat and sail through to the last remaining part of the Realm of a Thousand Islands. Broek op Langedijk also changes into a real fairytale land once a year at the end of August. During Night Illuminations the village is decorated with thousands of tea-light candles and lights. Decorated and illuminated boats sail by. An enchanting sight!

Cycling is also enjoyable in Broek op Langedijk: from intersection 91 take the cycle path to Geestmerambacht nature and recreation area. Here you will find cycle and hiking paths, a swimming lake with beaches and reed banks, a restaurant and the large camping-cum-chalet park Molengroet. Every year, the Indian Summer Festival, featuring big names like Anouk, Ilse de Lange and Kane, is organised beside this recreation area.