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The quietest beach in North Holland

In Castricum you'll find what is probably the quietest beach in North Holland. Follow the Stille Strandweg (Silent Beach Road, which says it all) straight through the magnificent dune area to the southern beach entrance.  Here you will hear only the sound of the surf and nothing else. Those who like more activity are advised to park their vehicles in the enormous car park at the main beach entrance. Behind the glass at one of the beach pavilions you can enjoy the best views accompanied by lunch or dinner until the sun goes down. 

Visit the rabbit hole
The dunes here are also worth visiting. An extensive network of hiking and cycling paths automatically steers you in the right direction. The views across the centuries-old dune area are magnificent. And during your trip you will probably encounter a beautiful resting place in the dunes or drop in at De Hoep Visitor Centre, which looks like a giant rabbit hole.

Sleeping in the dunes
Campers have known how to find their way to Castricum for many years, as it is home to an above average number of farm campsites. The famous Bakkum and Geversduin campsites are also known far and wide. In the middle of the dunes, camping spots for tents and caravans are available as well as many more unique overnight accommodation options. Camping Bakkum even has its own open-air theatre in a hollow in the dunes.  Also, do not forget the various hotels and Bed & Breakfasts in this rural environment.
Huis van Hilde
Castricum is compact but you will find everything you need there: a cinema, a shopping heart and a shopping centre as well as good restaurants. Be sure to visit the unique Huis van Hilde, right behind the railway station. In this brand-new museum you can take ajourney through the archeological history of North Holland.

Would you like to read more 'inside information' about the manor Castricum (including Akersloot, Limmen, De Woude and Bakkum)? Check out the page Discover Castricum. You'll find more info concerning activities and downloadable routes.

Tip! Would you like to relax in peace naked? Slightly further to the south, between posts 47 and 48, is an area reserved for naturists.

Waters way...

We had no idea that dunes were so important to our drinking water. We went to the de Hoep Visitor Centre and now we know exactly where our water comes from and how it is cleaned. Cool! Jurre and Sofie