Discover more Egmond aan den Hoef

Wild blackberries in the dunes

Egmond aan den Hoef is primarily known for its dunes. They are much more lighter and open that those in the surrounding dune areas. Plants such as blue sea thistle, sea buckthorn and blackberries still grow in this picture-perfect spot near the old fishing village of Egmond aan Zee. Pick them while you walk in the open nature! In many places you will encounter ponds with toads and salamanders. The sea village landscape is unique: fields that have been dug out in the dune hollows and offer wonderfully sheltered spots.

Conservation Village
Part of Egmond aan den Hoef is a conservation village. As you drive in to this village (built around a farm) the monumental Slotkapel immediately catches your attention. The castle was destroyed by the Geuzen during the Eighty Year War, but its foundations have been rebuilt and are open to the public. On the other side is Hoeve Overslot, a cabaret stage where performances and exhibitions are regularly held. And if you cycle or hike to the farmlands outside the village, then you will be treated to blooming flower bulb fields (in the spring) in all the colours of the rainbow.

Long-stay visitors
With the sea a ten-minute bike ride away and cheese city Alkmaar nearby, Egmond aan den Hoef is an ideal holiday destination. If you would like to stay here longer than there are multiple bungalow parks to choose from. The luxury camper will also find a fully equipped tent at the dune lodges in Duinpark Koningshof: all the luxury of home in the middle of the North Holland dunes reserve! In the vicinity of Egmond aan den Hoef you will find many cycling and hiking routes for relaxing in nature.

Did you know that:
Egmond comprises no less than three villages, namely: Egmond Binnen, Egmond aan Zee and Egmond aan den Hoef? In Egmond aan Zee inhabitants are called Derpers, in Egmond Binnen they are known as Binders and in Egmond aan de Hoef they are referred to as Hoevers?

Tip: explore Egmond from the water and download the Canoe routes in Bergen and surroundings.