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Village full of lucky ones

Looking out across the green pastures and waters around this village you can only think one thing: this is Holland at its best. Because what a unique village this is, located beside De Eilandspolder nature reserve. As you look around you will see the village church (with exhibitions and performances during the summer), an old town hall, traditional farmhouses and historical houses along the dike. Here, you can almost taste the history of the age-old battle against the sea and the reclamation of the Scher Lake that transformed it into today's fertile land.

Sculpture garden in the greenery

Pump your tires full of air and go discover! Wind your way over the small dikes to the next village behind the dike. Or visit Nic Jonk's sculpture garden: never before has there been a sculpture garden in such a unique spot. The landscape of the nature reserve behind it blends seamlessly into the garden with its unique collection of sculptures. And we haven't even mentioned the paintings that hang inside the museum.

Only for lucky ones

One thing is clear: if you live here then you're a lucky one. Lucky to have such a beautiful backyard where you can while away the hours in a canoe or electric boat, which you can hire from the village café. If you would like to know how it feels to be one of the lucky few, then why not spend the night here? Mini campsite De Rustige Hoeve (10 sites), the trendy Hooi Huis farmhouse of the bed & breakfasts hospitably keep their doors open for you.