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Discover more Hoorn

Hoorn needs to be felt to be experienced!

Every year many thousands of people enjoy this beautiful city. You really need to see, hear, taste and feel Hoorn! Everywhere you go you will encounter the history of the powerful Dutch East India Company, that sent beautiful ships to trade with Asiatic countries during the 17th and 18th centuries. This gives the city a special atmosphere.

Do you feel like visiting a museum?
Hoorn has no less than three. The West Frisian Museum shows the distant past of the city, while the Museum of the Twentieth Century is a feast of recognition for the older youths among us. Travel in time with the Hoorn-Medemblik steam tram. 

The history of the town is not just on show in the old centre; it can also be seen in the harbour. Time seems to be standing still here. The sails are hoisted, the decks scrubbed and you can almost still smell the spices that the Dutch East India Company brought back from trips to the Far East. Obviously, you can enjoy sitting on a terrace; after all, there is enough to see on and around the water.

Walking and shopping
The nicest way to get to know the city is to take a city walk which you can buy in the webshop of the tourist information office (VVV). The walk takes you past the best spots in an hour and a half.

Shopping is also great in Hoorn. A mixed range of stores can be found, not only in the large shopping streets but also in small side streets. 

Culture until you drop!

'Grab a terrace, pick a museum or roam the shopping streets? Hoorn is a wonderful city for young and old!' - Esmeralda van Wingerden