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West Friesland's oldest city

Lying amidst peace and quiet and expansiveness is Medemblik, the oldest city in West Friesland. The Regatta Centre and Water Sports Museum, where national and international sailing competitions are organized, add international allure to the town.

Historical and modern

In the centre you will find modern and historical hand in hand. Beautiful yachts and historical ships from the brown fleet tie up in the modern harbours of the historical inner city. Sitting on one of the terraces you can enjoy all that hustle and bustle on the water while you savour a delicious drink.

Museums and castle

The city has many museums; Castle Radbout, which dates back to the 13th century, occupies a prominent position. At the Baking Museum the most delicious delicacies are baked traditionally and at the Steam Mill you can learn everything about the evolution of the steam machine. Medemblik is also a stop for the Hoorn-Medemblik steam tram.

Windmill De Herder

The windmill was first mentioned on maps in 1555. In 1930 this mill could not operate on wind alone any longer, due to the erection of a new overhead electric power line just beside the windmill. Although a diesel engine was installed to drive the millstones, the windmill could no longer be operated profitably and in 1947 the mill was demolished. In 1985, a charity to rebuild the mill was founded. An old oil mill was found and the charity purchased the oil mill’s body. After reconstruction by volunteers and professionals the mill was opened by Prince Claus on the 9th of May in 1990.

Those looking for peace and quiet can mount their bikes with a VVV cycle route in hand and make a trip over dikes, through old ribbon settlements and along traditional farmhouses. From the top of the dike you can look out across the endless IJsselmeer. 

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'Give me the wind in my sails and I'm a happy man!' Modern water sports facilities, waterside terraces and a dash of history and culture.