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A different painting every day

In the tranquillity of the pasture landscape of North Holland lies the picturesque village of Noordeinde. Nestled between the ‘new land’ of the Schermer polder and nature reserve De Eilandspolder, nature here is still left to its own devices. As you walk past the high reeds, narrow ditches and dikes, and sink into the soft peaty ground with every step, you immediately become calm. Every day is like a new painting here.

Noordeinde has no more than a hundred inhabitants, and nearby you will find the equally beautiful villages of Graft and De Rijp. Buy a bag of sweets just around the corner in Graft at Bram & Aagie, the smallest candy shop in the country! At De Kleine Haag restaurant you can hire a boat to discover this beautiful part of the Netherlands from the water. Sailing through the wide and narrow waterways of Noordeinde, the daily hustle and bustle suddenly seems far away.