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Sunken village

The picturesque village of Oosterleek is located right beside the Markermeer and with barely a hundred inhabitants is the smallest village in West Friesland. Salient detail: part of Oosterleek sank into the Markermeer. The dike was moved slightly to the north - so that the land could be better protected against the Zuiderzee - but as a result the local Medieval church also disappeared underwater.

With such a unique location beside the water it is no wonder that the inhabitants lived from fishing and seafaring for centuries. Nowadays, you can enjoy cycling, walking and sunbathing on the banks of the Markermeer. Overnight stays are possible at Herbergh 't IJsselmeer or in one of the six hotel houses of Restinn located by the farmhouse owned by Dick and Nel Bransen. They offer the luxury of a lovely little beach right at your front door. So on a summer's day you can dive into the deep, in search of the lost church tower.

Fact! In the far south of Oosterleek is a light beacon, which was once called the Light of Leek. It bears a quote by poetess Emily Dickinson: ‘We wouldn’t mind the sun, dear, if it didn’t set!’