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A village in the city

If you are under the impression that Oudorp is a neighbourhood of Alkmaar then you are wrong. Oudorp is a real village in the city and has retained its rural character. In the surrounding area you will find wide open views across the polders to De Oudorperpolder nature reserve on the other side, and the pleasures of Alkmaar city centre are only five minutes away. Not surprisingly, the inhabitants of Oudorpen love living here.

As the name suggests, Oudorp has a long history.  During the Eighty Years War, the Spaniards set up camp just outside the village. From here they attacked the cheese city, which did not give up without a fight. When the clever people of Alkmaar burst the dikes, the Spaniards got wet feet and fled. Victory began In Alkmaar (which includes Oudorp)!