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The country's most beautiful cumulus cloud filled skies

A few farmhouses: Starnmeer is no more than that. But what a beautiful spot! In the midst of the polder of the same name you have views of the most beautiful cumulus cloud filled skies you could ever imagine. Add a few grazing cows, swaying reeds, ditches and green pasturelands and you have the recipe for a wonderfully relaxing holiday. And despite the fact that it is wonderfully tranquil here, the city of Alkmaar is nearby and in the evenings you can drive back into the wonderful silence of the polder.

Take a lovely little ferry to the nearby island of De Woude. You can also enjoy walking here or simply sitting and enjoying your surroundings on a waterside terrace. Discover even more small ferries as you follow the popular ‘Pontjesroute’ cycle route. No less than four ferries help you to cross the water, even though you need to operate the winch yourself a few times.

Tip! Nudists can camp at the Zon en Leven naturist campsite.